As Clean As It Gets

When you're washing clothes, you expect them to come out clean and undamaged. After all, you pay good money for them. With the commercial features on Speed Queen® machines, getting the best out of each load is easy.

Nothing Compares

Wash Quality

See how features like our high vane agitator and stainless steel wash
tub are designed to take good care of your clothes.

Save Your Clothes. And Your Money.

Each of our machines is like a gentle lion - built tough but kinder on clothes. Our flexible, high vane agitator rotates 210° at 68 strokes per minute. This moves your clothes through the water - and water through your clothes - for a more thorough wash. Combined with our smooth stainless steel wash tub that is easier on linens when they brush against it, Speed Queen washers don't wear on fabric. Load after load, our machines protect your clothes so you feel good in them. And the longer your clothes last, the more money you'll save. So if you want truly clean laundry that looks great, you need
Speed Queen.

Whose Clothes Do You
Think Get Cleaner?

The Speed Queen agitator rotates 210°, while competitors' agitators only rotate 97° and deliver
less washability.

Speed Queen agitator and smooth stainless tub
make doing laundry a breeze.

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