Smooth, quiet, stable: when you think of your washer, is this how you would describe it? Or is it more comparable to a construction zone?

Thanks to our heavy duty suspension system, you don’t need to worry about the latter with your Speed Queen top loader. Instead, you’ll have a smooth running washer that allows you to do a load of laundry at any time of the day or night without fear of the machine waking the household or “walking” across the floor.


While other washers use a lower cost, less durable design that hangs a tub assembly from the cabinet with springs and bands, Speed Queen washers have a sturdy suspension system that secures the tub directly to a commercial-grade, full steel base with four heavy duty springs. A balance ring on the top of the cylinder completes the balance system and helps stabilize and counter an unbalanced load.

Less Stress

Having to replace a washer frequently is stressful and expensive. The Speed Queen top load washer’s suspension system also contributes to longer life because tough loads don’t put stress on critical parts like the motor and bearings, which produces less vibration for a nice, quiet wash. With less frequent washer replacements, you save money.


Second-floor installations add another wrinkle of doubt, and excessive vibration and noise can be bothersome on all levels of the house. Speed Queen washers, which weigh in at 195 lbs. and are the industry’s heaviest washers because of the commercial grade metal components, give you more piece of mind with those second floor installations. The suspension system is built to handle heavier out-of-balance loads on all levels of your home so you can keep on living life uninterrupted by laundry… until it’s time to fold.

See why consumers are saying a Speed Queen machine is like a smooth highway:

vibration image