On laundry day, your mind is on a mission which can keep you from realizing how handy common laundry room items can be. One example: dryer sheets—a single sheet packs a serious punch. Here are 10 little-known uses for dryer sheets.

Uses for Dryer Sheets Around the House

  1. Tame the Frizz: On dry days, make fly-aways a thing of the past by rubbing a dryer sheet through your hair. Besides reducing the frizz caused by static, your hair will be left smelling fresh.
  2. Squeaky Clean Baseboards: Keep your baseboards tidy by swapping your duster for a dryer sheet. Not only will the dryer sheet pick up dust and hair, the natural anti-cling properties also help repel future buildup.
  3. Refresh Smelly Shoes: Stinky shoes? Easy fix. Roll up a dryer sheet or two and stick them inside your shoes to give them new life.
  4. Natural Mosquito Repellent: Not a fan of bug spray? Try a chemical-free approach—simply stick a few dryer sheets in your pocket or under your hat to keep bugs at bay.
  5. Clear Away Pet Hair: We’ll never know how pet hair gets so engrained into clothes and furniture, but we do know how to remove it. Simply rub a dryer sheet on the surface and the static will pull the hair from the fabric.
  6. Eliminate Iron Gunk: Make your iron glide as smooth as the day you got it. Place a dryer sheet on your ironing board and with your iron on low, rub it over the sheet until any buildup is gone.   
  7. Deodorant Eraser: No need to change your shirt after you see a deodorant stain on it. Instead, grab a dryer sheet and rub it on the deodorant until it disappears. 
  8. De-squeak Shoes: For that pair of shoes that just won’t stop squeaking, try rubbing a dryer sheet on the soles. To keep shoes quiet, repeat every few wears.  
  9. Freshen a Room: Seasons that cause closed windows can lead to musty smells. Remove your vent cover and tape a dryer sheet inside to get a boost of fresh around the house.
  10. Soften Stuck-on Food: Whether you’re a beginner or experienced cook, food stuck to or burned on pans happens to everyone. Skip the scrubbing and save your sanity by adding a dryer sheet with warm water to the effected pot. Let it soak overnight and wash with a sponge the next day. 

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