Auto Fill Technology Explained

You might question whether or not Speed Queen’s auto fill technology works and if it adds enough water to provide a quality clean. Speed Queen engineers have put hours of research into Speed Queen Perfect Wash™, which features auto fill and other unique wash actions for each cycle. This technology ensures that each load has enough water to effectively clean clothes.

Auto fill is only available on the TR range of top load washers and works differently than the auto fill systems used by competitors. Instead of adding water based on the weight of the load, Speed Queen’s auto fill adds water based on how resistant the material is. If you have a load of material that is more resistant and water absorbent, the machine will automatically add more water, while light-weight materials that are less absorbent require less water. For example, if you are washing eight pounds of absorbent materials like towels, your Speed Queen TR top load washing machine will add more water than it would for eight pounds of T-shirts or other less absorbent fabrics, while competitors’ machines that weigh the load will use the same amount of water for both loads.

Speed Queen Perfect Wash™ senses the type of load, fabric and size of the materials and adjusts the water accordingly throughout the cycle. Auto fill will monitor the load and add water to ensure an effective clean. Bottom line is that you will always have enough water.

Speed Queen technology constantly works to make sure you get enough water to maximize cleaning results and provide the perfect wash every time.

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