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Yes, you can use all types of HE detergents. Though when using pods on a front load washer we suggest you place the pod in the tub rather than using the detergent dispenser.

If a product was purchased and registered on our website, an email will be sent out approximately 21-30 days after registration. This is done in an effort to only display verified purchaser reviews on our website and it also gives users enough time to use the product and provide us with their feedback.

You can find the cycle durations with and without additional options selected listed in the Use and Care Guide of your machine. Typically, the Normal Eco Cycle will run for an estimated 28 minutes and 30 seconds if no additional options are selected. The Heavy Duty Cycle will run for an estimated 40 minutes if no additional options are selected.

Not all of our washer models are equipped with a Soak or Presoak option. Our TR7 top load washer is equipped with a Soak option. When selected, you can set items to soak for up to 24 hours prior to starting the wash cycle. Our TC5 top load washer features a Rinse Pre-Soak option which will add a Soak portion to the wash cycle prior to agitation.

The amount of water will be determined by the wash cycle selected, size of load, and any additional options. For example, you can select the Heavy Duty Cycle with the Extra Rinse option. Changing the Soil Level keypad will add or subtract wash time in the selected cycle. Choose Light, Medium, Heavy or Max according to the amount of soil in the laundry load. Light is the minimum and Max is the maximum amount of time. Options such as Soak provide you with a chance to soak your clothing articles prior to the wash cycle in order to help target any stubborn stains or heavily soiled clothing items.

While our front load washers can wash a king sized quilt or comforter. Our Technical Support Team recommends that you wash up to a queen sized quilt or comforter with our top load washers.

The following Maintenance instructions have been obtained from the dryer’s Use and Care guide. Dryer Interior: Wipe the surfaces using a soft cloth and household cleaner or a non-abrasive paste of powdered laundry detergent and hot water, followed by a short heat cycle with a load of rags. To remove crayon or ball point ink off the dryer drum, put the heat on high and use old rags in the dryer to absorb the crayon or ink. If unsuccessful, contact the appliance retailer. DO NOT use any chemicals in the dryer. IMPORTANT: The use of chlorine bleach for removing any discolorations should be avoided because bleach could damage the finish. Cabinet: Wipe the dryer cabinet as needed. If detergent, bleach or other washing products have been spilled on the dryer, wipe immediately. Some products will cause permanent damage if spilled on the cabinet. Control Panel: Use only a damp or sudsy cloth for cleaning the control panel. Some spray pretreat products may harm the finish on the control panel. DO NOT use products that contain alcohol on the control panel. Exhaust System: The exhaust duct should be inspected after one year of use and cleaned if necessary by a qualified service person to remove any lint build-up. Inspect and clean exhaust duct every one to two years as required thereafter. Every two years a qualified service person should remove all front panels and vacuum the inside of the dryer. The weather hood should be checked frequently to make sure the dampers move freely, dampers are not pushed in and that nothing has been set against them. Keep dryer area clear and free from combustible materials, gasoline and other flammable vapors and liquids. Do not obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation air. NOTE: Verify proper operation after servicing. Lint Filter: The lint filter is located at the front of the dryer in the lower part of the door opening. Always clean the lint filter.

Pressing the Signal keypad will change the end of cycle signal volume. There are four settings: Off, Low, Medium, High.

The TR5 features the Speed Queen Perfect Wash action where the tub and agitator work together. The TC5 top load washer features a classic agitator and transmission-driven wash action. Additionally, the TC5 features no lid lock and the Deep Fill option.

The hot water selection will utilize the hot water temperature directly from the water source. Therefore, if you would like to increase or decrease the temperature of the hot water, that will need to be adjusted at the source.

Under the Options section of the control panel, you can select to add an Extra Rinse, Extra Rinse Pre-Soak, and Heavy Soil. Additionally, you can utilize the Deep Fill option to fill the entire tub with water. These water level options can be selected alongside any wash cycle selected.

The dimensions for our SF7 are as follows: W-Width 26-7/8″, H-Height 78-1/8″, D-Depth 27-3/4″, Depth with Door Open 53-7/8″, Depth with Hose & Door 31-3/8″

The lid will stay unlocked during the first fill so that you can easily add items. The lid will lock automatically after the initial wet-down fill and before agitation begins. However, if you press the Start/Pause button any time throughout the wash cycle, the cycle will pause, the lid will unlock, and you will be able to open the lid

Our top load washers, at 3.2 cubic feet total capacity, can handle a large load containing 1 queen sized bedspread. Our front load washers, at 3.5 cubic feet total capacity, can handle a large load containing 1 king sized bedspread.

The Allergy Rinse Option provides two additional rinses. It is useful for detergent sensitive skin. The water temperature will be cold. Please note: If Extra Rinse and Allergy Rinse are both selected, the cycle will provide a total of three additional rinses.

Our front load washers are designed with 3 features to help prevent mold/mildew leading to the odor typically associated with front load washers: antimicrobial properties in the material used in the door seal, patented solid baffles, and a stainless steel outer tub.

We recommend using low-sudsing High Efficiency liquid detergent for your wash loads.

After the clothes are loaded into the washtub and before the start of the wash cycle, pour the proper amount of liquid fabric softener into the bottle measuring cap (refer to bottle directions). Pour into dispenser. The fabric softener dispenser is located at the top of the agitator on our top load washer models. The fabric softener dispenser on our front load washer models is located within the dispenser drawer. The large fabric softener dispenser allows for the fabric softener to be diluted with water. We recommend adding water up to the fill level. Do not exceed tip of arrow which indicates correct fill level. Over-filling can allow fabric softener to spill onto the clothes, causing stains on clothes if the softener comes into contact with detergent suds. Setting the water level to medium or higher will result in better performance from the fabric softener. The fabric softener will remain in the dispenser during the wash fill, agitation and spin. At the end of the wash spin, the liquid fabric softener will be dispensed into the washtub through the slots in the agitator and will be mixed with the incoming rinse water.

The width of our top load washers is 25 and 5/8 inches.

The Sanitize with Oxi cycle has been verified to reduce 99.9% of bacteria found in the typical household laundry load when used with an Oxi additive in addition to detergent. In addition there is no significant contamination transferred to later washer loads. The water temperature is set to Hot and can’t be changed for this cycle. The washer’s hot water supply connection must provide a minimum of 120°F to make sure the cycle is effective. The machine does not have a heater and the water temperature relies on the temperature of the water supply.

The lid lock on our TR top load washers is a safety feature that cannot be removed or disabled. Any tampering or disabling of any safety features may cause severe personal injury or death and also voids the product warranty. If you would like to unlock the lid to add items or wash product to the load, you can do so by pressing the Start/Pause button.

Absolutely. Our dryer models are available in Electric or Gas.

There are a few things you can do in order to avoid wrinkled clothing. For example, make sure to not overload the dryer. There should be space in the dryer for the clothes to tumble freely and this helps to reduce wrinkles. Large and small pieces together make up loads that tumble well. Permanent Press loads should be smaller to provide more room for tumbling. You can use the Automatic Wrinkle Out Cycle for items that are slightly wrinkled after sitting in a dryer overnight. Over-drying clothing can also cause wrinkling. Please check the Care tags on your clothing items in order to ensure you are using the correct temperature heat setting.

While our current models do not offer a rinse and hold option, you can add an Extra Rinse option to your cycles. The TR5 and TR7 top load washer models offer a Rinse and Spin cycle.

Any disassembly requiring the use of tools must be performed by a qualified service representative. However, you are welcome to contact our Technical Service Team in order to confirm if the dryer can be disassembled for installation by submitting a Contact form.

The dryer can be exhausted to the outdoors through the back, left, right or bottom of the dryer. EXCEPTION: Gas dryers cannot be vented out the left side because of the burner housing. Dryers are shipped from factory ready for rear exhaust. Exhausting the dryer through sides or bottom can be accomplished by installing a Directional Exhaust Kit, 528P3, available as optional equipment at an extra cost. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to reach out to our Technical Service Team by submitting a Contact form.

This code indicates that the lid has not locked. Make sure the lid is closed all the way and try to start the cycle. Open the lid or unplug the machine to clear the code. If this code continues, we recommend that you call for service.

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