Our investment in gentle protects your clothing investment

We like looking good. Whether that comes from a stylish ensemble reserved for dinners out, a favorite yoga or gym outfit or a lucky shirt and tie saved for the most important of business meetings, when we look good, we feel good…and perform at our best. Heck, just think how traumatic it can be to see a beloved sweater begin to pill or watch that darling dress fade.

Quite simply, we love our clothing, take pride in it and want it to stay looking good for as long as possible. With the average U.S. household spending close to $2,000 a year on apparel, this is no small investment. That’s the reason we spent three years in research and development perfecting a top load wash action that not only delivers clean results, but is far gentler on fibers.

We succeeded. Even on the heavy duty cycle, the new top load washer is almost 20 percent more gentle on fabrics than the previous model, all while delivering 5 percent better wash results. How we do it is simple…and natural.

Speed Queen’s previous model used solely the agitator to deliver the mechanical wash action – nice and a fabulous design, but it could be somewhat rough on clothes. The updated top load harnesses the power of water to pull stains/soil out. Picture the turbulence created at the beach when incoming waves meet water ebbing from the shore and that’s the concept – simple, powerful, but far gentler.

There are many ways of getting things clean. Even the classic washboard was highly effective, but it would cut that beautiful cotton sweater’s life by 70 percent. Even today’s technology can have the same impact. Let’s face it, the technical, moisture wicking fibers in your workout clothes are not going to love being pulled, dragged and rubbed across a wash plate.

Our engineering team’s goal was improved fabric care results, while maintaining the wash quality Speed Queen is known for. By using the power of water to provide the wash action, we have not only increased the wash quality and the area where washing is occurring, but delivered one of the industry’s most gentle wash actions. When combined with our cycle flexibility, Speed Queen gives you the best control to ensure maximum life of your clothing investment …keeping you looking good and feeling good.

To see our gentle wash action in…well, action, watch this video…