How to Shop for Appliances with COVID-19 Limitations

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, it seems like all of society is trying to adjust to social distancing in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus. Many aspects of life don’t stop or slow down because of the pandemic, including housework. If you are in need of a new appliance and aren’t sure how to shop for it with COVID-19 limitations, continue reading below. 

Shop Online at Local Businesses 

With COVID-19 spreading quickly, it’s important to limit unnecessary in-person interactions, which is why shopping for appliances online through a local supplier is a great alternative to going into the store. Shopping locally is always recommended and even more so when it comes to buying appliances. Local appliance dealers will deliver and install the machine. They may have service remove your old products – all benefits that make shopping locally a win for all. Similarly, by having your local dealer install, you eliminate the possibility of shipping the machine long distance, and have the dealer’s support if anything were to go wrong – that’s exceptional peace of mind that can only be gained by shopping locally online. 

Do Your Research Before Going to the Store 

If you must go to the store to shop for appliances, consider looking up the store’s COVID-19 policy so you can plan your visit based on updated hours of operation, the time equipment is disinfected, and any efforts the store is making to ensure proper social distancing. It’s also important to research prospective equipment before visiting the store, so you can narrow the search to fewer machines and reduce the amount of time spent in the store.  

Schedule an Appointment at the Store 

If you check your local appliance store’s COVID-19 policy and learn that the store is limiting the number of patrons allowed inside at a time, schedule an appointment with the store. Consider taking the first appointment of the day, because many stores disinfect overnight, or scheduling immediately after the equipment is disinfected during hours of operation. Remember to stay at least six feet away from staff and other customers in an effort to avoid contracting the virus.  

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