It’s a wonderful…livestream

If radio stations can begin their wall-to-wall holiday music early, we wondered why Speed Queen can’t do the same by giving its 24/7 livestream a holiday theme. However, before taking the plunge, we enlisted the foremost authority to help make this call. We consulted the Magic 8-ball. “Cannot predict now” was the answer.

Laundry moves fast and we don’t have time to wait for another response. Into the TR7 top load went the Magic 8-Ball … along with 20 pounds of popular items from Santa’s sack. For the next 30 days, our top-of-the-line top load washer will be taking on the likes of T-rex, diecast cars, those highly frustrating cube puzzles (you’re welcome), tops, pretend food and much more.

Even Barbie, herself, is taking a dip in the deep tub fills of the TR7. Wait just a minute. Before you judge us as cruel for adding her to the load, let it be said that this is mermaid Barbie…so she’s adapted for this deep-water environment.

Don’t forget to check your holiday list … and Speed Queen Legend livestream twice. You never know what’s going to happen in this reliability test. I think the “Toy Story” franchise is ample evidence of the resourcefulness of toys. And no matter what carnage is created, this holiday-themed livestream is way less creepy than elf on a shelf.

Check out the holiday toy fun at the legend livestream.