Design an Environmentally Safe, Laundry Room

While a laundry room is a place to get the job done, many of us are in there daily, if not weekly. The average person spends one hour and 12 minutes a week tending to laundry. If you’re folding or ironing in the laundry room, the amount of time you’re tucked away in there is longer.

So why not make it your retreat, to take a breath, and re-center while accomplishing these chores. Extend your Zen into a peaceful and natural laundry room environment.

Creating the Eco-friendly Laundry Room

Carrying the beauty of your home into your laundry room, relaxes the “chore” of doing laundry.

  • Add contrast by adding natural or imitation wood accents with white or stainless laundry machines, resulting in a modern but inviting space.
  • Natural stone as a backsplash, border, or flooring adds texture and interest to a stark, institutional room.
  • Add lights beyond the ceiling, possibly under your cabinets or near your folding table. This sets a mood and gives you options.
  • If you have a window in your laundry room, add a plant or two for some pretty greens and color accents.
  • While you may want your whites, white, your laundry room doesn’t need to be. Consider light gray-blue, pale mustard or mint. A touch of black, white, and silver adds subtle elegance to your laundry room.

Eco-friendly Tips for the Clothes You Love

You’ve created this warm, welcoming laundry oasis for yourself that looks great, now let’s make it thrive with an eco-friendly spirit.

Mindful habits can make a big difference in time spent on laundry, preserving your clothing and the environment you’ve created:

  • Wear most of your clothes more than once: Underpants and exercise gear are the exception.
  • Run only full loads: Fewer loads are better for time management and energy consumption.
  • Cold wash when possible: Save on energy and hot water heat consumption.
  • Used concentrated or green laundry soap: Less is more and chemical-free can reduce allergic reactions.
  • Natural plant-based stain removers: Read labels to avoid chemicals and chlorine bleach. Better for you and the environment.
  • Maintain updated machines: New machines, like the Speed Queen® TR7 washer and Speed Queen® DR7 dryer will stay cleaner, live longer and will keep your laundry room running smoothly and efficiently.

You’re the best judge on your laundry patterns. Developing mindful laundry habits will save water, energy, laundry detergent and most importantly, your time.

Eco-friendly Tips for Washing and Drying Your Delicates

We all have our favorites – the bra, swimsuit, cashmere sweater, or silk blouse. To keep those delicates and treasures with you for a long time, consider a simple eco-friendly approach to avoid damage and shrinkage:

  • Turn the item inside out if you can.
  • Hand wash with same colors and fabrics only.
  • Use a clean sink or bathtub.
  • Hand agitate and soak for up to 30 minutes in cool water.
  • Place the item in a kitchen colander and spray with sink or shower hose to rinse.
  • Use a clean towel to roll the item and press out water.
  • Lay flat or on a drying rack to dry.
  • Consider the fabric and if your garment will be impacted by hanging it on a line.

Three NO NO’s of Eco-washing Delicates

  • No twisting or wringing.
  • No warm or hot water.
  • No overdoing it on the detergent.

Create Your Eco-friendly Laundry Room

Environmental attention to your laundry room decor and the eco-friendly detergents you use, will only improve the beauty and health of your laundry experience. Couple that with the Speed Queen® TR7 washer and Speed Queen® DR7 dryer for clean, reliable, long-term fabric care results.