Mesh Laundry Bags

How to use a lingerie bag for more than lingerie

You’ve seen mesh laundry bags. You may even own one or more. Most people use them to protect delicate items in the wash, giving them the name “lingerie bag.”

But, did you know these handy bags can be used for much more than lingerie? They are great for other washables and for home organization.

Using laundry mesh bags in the washer

Mesh bags may be your laundry savior for many items. When using a mesh bag in the laundry, make sure to leave room in the bag so clothing and other items have room to move.

Clothing prone to tangle: It’s easy for small pieces of clothing to get tangled with or stick to larger items. Scarves with fringes and removable cloth belts will stay secure in the bag and will be easily found when the cycle is complete.

Socks: Speaking of things that get lost in the wash—putting socks in mesh bags will help keep pairs from parting ways. Designate a bag for each family member to use for dirty socks. On laundry day, secure each bag and throw in the washer. Ta-da! No more missing socks!

Delicate tops and sweaters: Mesh bags can protect machine washable tops and sweaters, especially those prone to being snagged or nicked by buttons and zippers.

Shoes: Many cloth shoes can be laundered in a washer, but because of their weight, they could cause damage to other clothing, especially in the spin cycle. Wash shoes and shoe laces (remove them from the shoes) in a mesh bag with older towels for best results.

Bibs: Bibs or other items with Velcro® fasteners can stick to other clothes and cause damage. Fasten the Velcro and place the items in a mesh bag, where they are less likely to stick to the rest of the laundry.

Toys: If you’d like to wash stuffed animals or other washable toys—used by both children and pets—keep them together in a mesh bag before laundering.

Organize with mesh laundry bags

The bags are not just for the laundry. They are a great tool to use when getting organized!

Store small items like scarves, gloves or lingerie in bags. Thread a hanger through a hole in the bag and hang in your closet. The bag will keep your clothing all in one place and in easy reach.

Have you found other uses for mesh lingerie bags? Tell us in the comments!