Everybody needs a cuddle or a hug sometimes, but what do you do when that weighted blanket of yours gets dirty with sweat and your body’s natural oils? Unlike typical bedspreads and comforters, the heavy nature of weighted blankets makes it a bit more difficult to clean and dry. Don’t feel weighed down by cleaning weighted blankets, here are a few tips to help:

Before you wash

  • Take a look at your weighted blanket’s tag and follow its specific washing and drying instructions. Some weighted blankets are machine washable while others are spot clean only. These instructions are material-specific and created to help you.
  • Is your weighted blanket only a little dirty? Avoid the washer and spot clean it with soap or stain remover using cold water. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly.

Using a washer

  • The size and capacity of your washers will determine if you can use it with your weighted blanket. Weighted blankets that are 20 lbs. or over might be difficult to use in a residential washer, but if you don’t have to force the blanket into the washer, feel free to try and see if it gets properly cleaned.
  • Fits in your washer? Excellent! Wash with cold water and use either delicate or bedding settings.

Time to dry

  • When it’s time to dry, turn down the heat to the lowest setting or use tumble dry.
  • If your weighted blanket needs air drying, spread it out or hang it while periodically shaking and fluffing it.
  • Does your weighted blanket feature an outer cover? Perfect, simply clean and dry it as you would a duvet cover.

While it might take a bit longer to clean and dry, it’s worth the effort to make sure your weighted blanket keeps delivering better sleep and anxiety-relieving support for years to come.