Tips for Keeping New Sneakers Looking Nice

How To Wash and Protect Your Shoes

You just bought the kids new sneakers for the school year—and those shoes look absolutely perfect in the first-day-of-school photo. But, if history is a good teacher, you know their shiny newness won’t last. Take heart! We’ve got a few tips for keeping back-to-school shoes in tip-top shape, all year long.

Keeping Sneakers Clean

Keeping your kids’ tennis shoes clean can be a challenge, especially when they are running around the playground and jumping in puddles at the bus stop. Use these tips will keep your child’s shoes looking fresh:

  • Spot treat. Remove small stains easily with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser® or a stain remover pen.
  • Change the laces. Changing out dingy laces with new ones, or washing the old laces, is an easy way to brighten up shoes.
  • Protect your shoes. Avoid water stains and dirt by spraying shoes with a stain-repellant spray before the first wear. Reapply every time you wash the shoes.

These hints will go a long way toward the life of your child’s shoes, and help prolong the time needed between washes. However, once every few months, giving sneakers a good wash in the washing machine will bring them back to life.

How To Wash Your Shoes in a Washing Machine

Cleaning canvas or cloth shoes in the washer is one of the easiest, most time-efficient ways to bring soiled shoes back to life (leather shoes should only be spot cleaned). To make the most of this method and prevent damage to shoes, here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Remove any caked on dirt from the shoes. Tap soles of shoes together or use a brush to remove dirt and grime before placing in your washing machine.
  2. Wash sneakers separately. Keeping shoes apart from other apparel or linens prevents stains to your clothing and gives sneakers the best clean.
  3. Throw in old towels. Washing sneakers alongside old towels helps agitate the cycle and remove dirt.
  4. Use detergent sparingly. Too much detergent can be hard to rinse, making shoes stiff or discolored. Follow instructions on the bottle and resist the urge to add more.
  5. Wash in cold water, on gentle. The gentle cycle and cold water are your friends for washing tennis shoes. Both cold water and the gentle cycle will reduce friction and potential damage to your shoes.
  6. Dry with care. Drying sneakers on a high setting in the dryer could cause them to shrink. Either air dry or dry on low using a rack made for dryers.

By using these tips, you’ll keep your child’s shoes looking nice and new all school year!