Speed Queen TR7 Draws Rave Review

At Speed Queen, we’ve always felt that the best reviews of our products come from those who use them every day. Our customers are tough critics. They are wholly invested in these real-life tests. When their favorite blouse has a ketchup stain, they expect their Speed Queen to deliver results. It’s their favorite blouse, after all, not a generic standardized test strip that will be discarded. 

That’s why a recent review of our TR7 by syndicated columnist, Don Lindich was a great victory for the brand, model, and Speed Queen Perfect Wash™ system. Don already owns Speed Queen products, but when his dad added the TR7 top load washer at home, he wanted to see if it lived up to the Speed Queen pedigree. 

While his dad, a former Marine, makes sure his clothes always look sharp and portray the image one would expect of an ex-military man, Don didn’t feel he was truly giving the TR7 a significant enough test. So, enter Don with a towel stained with a winter’s worth of muddy paw prints.  

These are the types of torture tests Speed Queen owners put their machines through every day. And it’s the results they get that make them loyal brand advocates. This is why we put so many hours into testing our washers and dryers. 

So did the TR7 and Speed Queen Perfect Wash system live up to the performance of Don’s classic wash style model? Click the link below to find out. 

Don Lindich TR7 review.