The Best Goals for the New Year Make Laundry Faster

3 Unique New Year Resolutions in the Laundry Department

Clutter around the house can make your day feel unfinished. Is becoming more organized one of your goals for the New Year? For a unique New Year resolution, consider streamlining your laundry routine to make your life easier. Getting organized can turn laundry chaos into laundry simplicity. Give yourself more time for getting lost in a good movie instead of getting lost socks out of the ever-growing laundry pile. Here are three helpful laundry tips to help you succeed in your unique New Year resolutions.

1. Folding Shall Be Fast and Uber-Sleek

When poorly folded stacks of clothes topple over into a laundry avalanche—it stinks. Breathe easier with perfectly folded clothes for a more organized space. 

You can easily achieve the straightest, sleekest folds with a laundry folding board just like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory®. (Fans were so impressed with Sheldon’s perfect folds they bought folding boards themselves.) Or if you’re a penny-pincher or DIYer, make your own laundry folding board with cardboard and duct tape. Because the best goals for the New Year make your life easier, use this tip to fold with precision for neater, calm-inducing spaces.

2. Delicates Shall Be Easy

What do delicates and lettuce have in common? They can both be used in a salad spinner! For a fast and easy wash, throw your hand-wash-only items in a salad spinner. Add a bit of detergent with some water and spin away. A salad spinner has just the right amount of agitation to clean delicates without ruining them. Use fresh water to rinse them out.

To dry your delicate laundry, pump a few whirls on said salad spinner. Or grab two towels and a rolling pin. Fold the towels and put your delicates in between. Roll the pin over them several times. It’ll squeeze the water out without wrinkling your laundry and save you hours of drying time. 

3. Technology Shall be Implemented

Think you have clean clothes but when you swing open the washer door, you discover that you never washed them? Or looking forward to wearing that top for a night out, but realize too late it’s still sitting wet in the washer? 

“There’s an app for that!”

From decoding weird laundry tag symbols to reminding you to switch loads, here’s a list of laundry apps. We track everything from our steps to our sleep habits to our heart rate, so why not use an app to make laundry easier? And when an app reminds you to do one or two small loads throughout the week, it helps you kiss that mountain of weekend laundry goodbye.

Cheers to unique New Year resolutions 

Finally— unique New Year resolutions that don’t make you feel like saying, “I’ll wait until tomorrow to start.” Get a fresh start with the best goals for the New Year that’ll crown you the ultimate go-getter (without you having to, you know, actually get up and go). Happy New Year!