Tricks your washer or dryer might be playing on you (and how to solve them!)

There are few things more frustrating than when your appliances decide not to work when you’re about to use them; especially if you need them right then and there. Occasionally, your washer and dryer might need professional maintenance, but sometimes there are quick fixes to the little tricks they play on you. Watch your back this April Fool’s Day – those pesky washer and dryers like to celebrate in full force.

Trick number one: clothes are still damp after using the dryer

There are many reasons your dryer might not be performing as well as it once did. Perhaps it needs maintenance, but more likely than not, it’s an easy fix. First thing is to check the lint trap. A full lint trap can cause trouble. This should be cleaned out after every cycle. The second thing you should do is check to make sure the dryer’s vent duct is in its proper place and isn’t blocked. This could also lead to your machine not drying clothes all the way, or could even lead to more serious problems.

Trick number two: washer isn’t draining properly

Drainage problems can be messy. The culprit can be anything from a simple clog in the hose to a pump replacement. Before you start to panic, check the drain hose. Often a clogged drain hose will prevent your washer from draining properly. Remove it and check for foreign objects, clogs and kinks. You should also check any lint filters that might be in or on the drain hose. 

If that isn’t the case, something could be wedged between the basked and the tub, or become lodged in the pump. One last check – do you see a lot of soap suds? If too much detergent is used and too many suds are created, it could prevent the washer from draining in a timely manner. Make sure to follow your machine’s manual for proper use. 

Trick number three: washer isn’t dispensing detergent

Most washing washing machines come equipped with an automatic detergent dispenser, but what happens if your machine isn’t automatically dispensing as it should? There are two common issues that can cause this problem you can check before calling in outside help. 

The first is a dirty dispenser. You can clean your dispenser monthly with a warm cup of distilled white vinegar. Pour the vinegar into the dispenser and run a regular cycle. A second common issue is using the wrong type of detergent (liquid vs. powder) for your machine. This is where checking your machine’s manual will come in handy again – you’ll find that info here. 

Hopefully your washer and dryer act appropriately this April Fool’s Day, but if not, remember: it could just be a trick. Of course, if you’re questioning anything serious or don’t feel comfortable trying out these quick fixes yourself, check with your machine’s manufacturer for service and warranty options