How to Get Wrinkle-free Laundry Without Ever Touching an Iron

If never touching an iron is your laundry MO, you’re probably on the hunt for tips on how to achieve wrinkle-free laundry without using your grandmother’s favored appliance. Your search is over. From ways to de-wrinkle clothes in the dryer to smoothing them out after they’ve sat for a while, we have ideas to help you say goodbye to wrinkles (and your iron) for good.

Create dryer steam 

Does this sound familiar? You only have 15 minutes before an important video call and you need to look the part, stat. You grab a nice shirt only to find it’s wrinkled. If your first response is to reach for an iron, stop. 

All you have to do is throw a damp towel—or 2 to 3 ice cubes—in the dryer with your shirt. The steam will release the wrinkles to help make you look sharp.

Leave room in the dryer 

If your clothes are coming out of the dryer full of wrinkles, it’s probably a case of overstuffing. Make sure you don’t fill your dryer (or your washer) with too many clothes. Packing the appliances will cause clothes to bunch together and cause wrinkles. 

You can also set your dryer on the permanent press setting. It’s made to prevent wrinkles and is an easy step you can take to save yourself work. 

Fold clothes immediately

Ever forgot about that load of clothes in the dryer, only to return and find them in creases? While immediately folding clothes might seem obvious, it’s a chore we often save for later. But getting it out of the way—right away—will keep you from having to de-wrinkle clothes in the dryer a second time.

Spritz it down

This is probably the fastest way to get wrinkle-free laundry. Fill a water bottle with water and spray down your wrinkled clothes. There’s no need to get them super wet—a few spritzes will do. Give your clothes a couple of good shakes or hang them up to air dry.

If you have an “iron deficiency” when it comes to laundry day, use these tricks to get wrinkle-free laundry every time.