On the Martha Stewart estate outside New York, high quality and excellence are non-negotiable. You’d be hard pressed to find so much as a spiderweb in the horse stable – that’s not hyperbole; that’s a fact. From the tack room to the feed room and beyond, everything is in order, shined and clean.

So, when the laundry equipment at the stable began to deliver…shall we say, not-so-excellent results, it was time for a change. The shortcomings were many. Loads were coming out stinky, barely spun out (even when staff went with smaller load sizes), and still dirty. A laundry day like this doesn’t work for anyone, and it definitely won’t fly on this estate.

Stable manager, Helen Peparo, went looking for a solution that would not just cut staff time spent on the laundry task, but deliver exceptional high-quality results for the VIP residents of the property – Martha’s four majestic Friesians. When Peparo consulted the “Women in Agriculture” Facebook group she is a member of for laundry equipment recommendations, one name kept coming up among her peers – Speed Queen.

It was also a name her boss remembered fondly…Martha’s parents were big fans of Speed Queen’s legendary commercial quality.

That stamp of approval was all she needed to replace the underperforming laundry set with a Speed Queen FF7/DF7 front load pair. So, on a warm and sunny early October morning a delivery truck from Stamford, Conn.-based County TV & Appliance rolled up to the property with a special delivery.

Want to know what laundry day at Martha’s stable is like with Speed Queen taking the reins? Check out her blog here.

Check out a video of our conversation with Helen or see our special delivery video (below).