How to Use the TR7/DR7 Set for Pet Hair Removal

If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ve likely seen the hashtag #PetHairDontCare. And while this hashtag is meant to be a testament to the love we have for our furry family members, I think we can all admit that, sometimes, we do care about pet hair.

That’s why we developed a washer and dryer set with pet owners in mind. The TR7 and DR7 both include cycles specifically made to help eliminate pet hair from your everyday items. But how do they work?

Step 1

This is going to sound kind of crazy—but if pet hair removal is your number one goal—you need to put your items in the dryer first.

Add your hairy items to the DR7 dryer and choose the “Pet Hair Remover” cycle to remove pet hair from dry items. This feature can be used as a standalone refresh or as a pre-wash cycle before putting items in the washer. But, be sure to use your best judgment—heavily soiled items should always be washed first.

Step 2

Take your load out of the DR7 and add it to the TR7 washer. Select the best cycle and options for your items.

Step 3

After checking that the lint filter is clean, add your load to the DR7, select the “Pet Items” cycle, and customize the settings as needed.

Step 4

Enjoy spending time with your family in a home that’s a little less hairy! ❤️