During the chillier months, there’s nothing better than pulling out and wearing your favorite sweaters from your wardrobe. Whether it’s a big, chunky cable-knit sweater, a luxurious cashmere piece, or a cozy wool top, you’ll want to make sure you take extra care of them, as they tend to need more TLC than other clothing.

Sweaters are typically made of more delicate fibers than your typical wardrobe is made of, so you need to put in the extra effort to ensure your sweaters have a prolonged life. Drying these pieces isn’t usually as easy as throwing them in the dryer and calling it good. If you want to keep donning your favorite sweaters, you need to dry them correctly.

Use a folding dryer rack. A drying rack is a simple, easy way to dry your sweaters with care. Get a horizontal drying rack with screens, as you don’t want heavier sweaters to sag and distort the shape. Typically, these kind of dryer racks can be folded up and fitted between your washer or dryer, or somewhere in your laundry room, without taking up a lot of space when you’re not using it.

Squeeze out excess water. Do this carefully. You don’t want to twist or wring out the water, as this can cause wrinkling and stretching to your sweater. It’s recommended to use a towel (see below).

Lay flat on an absorbent towel. If your sweater is holding a lot of excess water, lay the garment flat on an absorbent towel (one you aren’t worried will transfer color). Now you can roll up the sweater, squeezing out moisture as you go. Let the sweater sit this way for a bit to dry out. Now, lay the sweater on a new towel to dry and soak up the remaining water.

Hang dry. Another option is hang drying your sweater. You’ll want to make sure the hanger doesn’t have sharp or odd edges, as it can distort the shape of clothing as it dries. This would be recommended for lighter garments, as opposed to heavier ones.

Use a dryer, carefully. First, check the tags to make sure your sweater is dryer friendly. If it is, there’s a couple of tips to make sure it comes out good as new. To prevent pilling and any damage to the fibers, dry your sweaters inside out. Or if you want, you can use a mesh bag to prevent rubbing and agitation to the sweater during the cycle.

As a friendly reminder, your sweaters need a little bit of extra care when it comes to the drying process. These tips will ensure you’ll be warm and cozy during the winter months for many years to come.