Lighten Your Load with 4 Quick Tips to Reduce Laundry Time

From work deadlines to school pick-up and everything in between, it’s hard to carve out laundry time. Other demands seem to take priority while the clothes and towels pile up in the hamper or remain unfolded on the couch for days.

It is possible to stay on top of your laundry routine without getting stuck on the “never done” cycle. Put valuable time back into your day with these four simple laundry hacks.

How to Sort Laundry Fast

Quick laundry sorting starts with being organized. A little pre-planning gets items ready to toss straight into the washer when it’s time to do a load and gets clean clothes where they belong afterwards.

  • Place hampers in convenient places such as bedrooms or bathrooms.
  • Use divided hampers that allow your family to presort items between whites, darks and delicates.
  • Have a plan in place to get clean items back where they belong. Designate a clean clothes pick-up area that must be cleared by family members by the end of the day. Or set aside an empty laundry basket to transfer clean items to bedrooms.

Clean, Dry Towels to the Rescue to Speed Up Drying Time

Have you ever pulled your shirt from the dryer only to find that it isn’t quite dry, yet you need to leave home soon? No problem. For this laundry tip, simply toss a few clean, dry towels into the dryer with the damp item. The towels help soak up moisture to reduce drying time, getting you out the door faster.

Say Goodbye to the Mystery of Missing Socks

We’ve all experienced the time-consuming mystery of missing socks in the laundry. Really, where do those socks go? Consider the problem solved with mesh bags. Each family member can toss their dirty socks into their own individual mesh bags, so there are no more disappearing acts. Plus, there’s a bonus—no sorting is needed once the laundry is done!

Get Everyone Involved

Household laundry is a household affair, so getting everyone involved can help lighten your load.

  • Preschoolers put away their toy cars and dolls. Why not put away their clean laundry, also?
  • Young children can help sort and put away their own clothing. Make it a game to see who gets done first.
  • Tweens and teens who know how to do their own laundry will be prepared for the day they move out on their own.
  • Adults can be responsible for their own laundry or swap out the chore every other week.

You’ve Got it Sorted Out

These laundry hacks can help you clean up your schedule and stress less about laundry time. With your busy schedule, have more time for what matters, whether it’s dinner with close friends, cheering on your little champion at the softball game or heading for the great outdoors.