Laundry service needs extend far and wide, and often, these needs take place behind the scenes. From hotels to summer camps, most businesses have a need for laundry machines. Alliance Laundry Systems had the honor of meeting the needs of a camp last month, Camp Barnabas.

Camp Barnabas was founded in 1994. Over the past 27 years, the camp has served over 90,000 campers and missionaries. It focuses on changing the lives of those with special needs and chronic illnesses, and also changing the lives of their siblings, missionaries, parents, staff and donors.

As a child, Lauren Hauschild attended Kanakuk Kamps for several summers. She was diagnosed with cancer in 1992 and lost her leg after going through chemotherapy. She was still determined to attend camp, but often found herself in the medical center unable to truly enjoy her summer.

It was Lauren’s experience that inspired Camp Barnabas, where everyone, including those in wheelchairs or crutches, or those going through chemo, could participate in all activities of summer camp.

Alliance Laundry Systems received a call from Camp Barnabas that it could really use a new washer and dryer. The camp has a few different brands of machines in its laundry room, but said staff continuously choose the Speed Queen machines over the other brands! Campers and staff alike LOVED the Speed Queen brand machines the camp was already using because of its performance and reliability.

Alliance Laundry Systems was proud to donate a washer and dryer pair to the camp, as we know how much of a difference clean clothes and linens make – especially in a place like camp. “We’re so happy to have made this happen for Camp Barnabas,” said Randy Radtke, Content and Media Relations Manager for Speed Queen. “We know the importance of clean items and were elated to be able to give back to an organization that makes such a difference in its local community.”