New Year. New Product. Unparalleled Quality.

We are excited to introduce you to our next generation of top load washers and dryers. Our incredible team of Speed Queen Engineers have spent years working to design and manufacture a washer and dryer that reflects our commitment to quality. At Speed Queen, we see required changes as an opportunity to exceed expectations. You can feel confident that the same care, durability and commercial grade materials you’ve come to expect are exactly what you’re getting with our new line of products. Let’s dig in to some of the highlights.


Our machines still offer the option to save or use water. Our Normal Eco Cycle saves water and energy, meeting Department of Energy standards. This cycle works just like our previous model with a full tub wash, spray rinse and tempered fill. All cycles give you the option to select your water level or use our new auto fill feature. You control water temperature so cold is cold, hot is hot, and warm is a 50/50 mix of the two. This machine allows you the flexibility to use what works best for your load.


Our auto fill option guarantees that every load will always have enough water. This smart design continually checks to make sure there is enough water to get the most effective wash, without increasing wash time and protecting both the clothes and the machine.


Our next generation technology features an enhanced wash action. It rotates both the agitator and wash basket together in a series of long and short strokes to create multi-directional water motion – resulting in a better, gentler wash. This machine is powered by a 1 horsepower motor and inverter drive system, using a smarter application of fewer parts.


Our new control panels are user friendly with more durable commercial-grade controls. The basic and mid-range models feature dials that are easy to turn and read.  Just select your load size and cycle and press to start.

Our full featured model offers durable touch-pad controls. We are the leader in commercial laundry globally, and these are the same controls that our commercial customers prefer and depend on. We even push them one million times in testing to make sure they are ready for a lifetime of dependability in a laundromat or your home.


Speed Queen products go against the norm because they work better. You are paying for quality and that’s what you’re going to get. A full steel base with heavy duty springs means less vibration and contributes to our best in class out of balance performance.

All of our machines are tested to 10,400 cycles which equates to 25 years’ worth of laundry in an average home and we back it all up with our industry best 3, 5, or 7 year parts and labor warranty. Our customers keep coming back to Speed Queen machines because they last and we know you’ll fall in love all over again with our new line of top load washers.