Did you know that your top load washer needs a little TLC? Even washing machines get a little dirty at times.  A little love can go a long way to help your washing machine continue to run efficiently.

Below are a few key tips to help you maintain proper care and maintenance on your Speed Queen® Top Load Washer.

Cleaning the Wash Tub

The Department of Energy has mandated all manufacturers to reduce water levels. This means the very top of your wash tub does not get submerged in the wash or rinse baths. This can cause a residue ring to develop over time from laundry detergents and impurities in your water supply.  The residue has no impact on wash ability or the performance of your washer.

Simply wipe the tub clean, as needed, with the following steps:

  • After your washer has completed the entire cycle, turn it off
  • Lift loading door
  • Using a clean rag and all-purpose cleaner, wipe upper 2-3 inches of the tub.
  • Rinse out the tub

Other Useful Tips:

  • Leave the lid open to allow the inside of the washer to dry out after use. This helps prevent musty odors from developing.
  • Hoses and other natural rubber parts deteriorate after extended use. Hoses may develop cracks, blisters or material wear from the temperature and constant high pressure they are subjected to. All hoses should be checked on a monthly basis for any visible signs of deterioration. Any hose showing the signs of deterioration listed above should be replaced immediately. All hoses should be replaced every five years.
  • Check the filter screens in the fill hoses for debris or damage every six months. Clean or replace them if necessary. If the washer is filling with water slower than normal, check the filter screens. Clean or replace them if necessary.
top load care video

Happy cleaning!