Pet Hair Everywhere: How to Get Rid of Fur and Fluff from All Your Stuff

It makes itself at home in your cabinets, couches and cars. It hangs out in your wash tub, carpets and bed. Go ahead, check your slippers, socks and freshly cleaned linens. 

Pet hair is everywhere. It’s par for the course with furry family members. Fortunately, our hairy friends are cute and pet hair frustration totally manageable. 

Want to banish pet hair everywhere? Read on for answers to top questions about how to get rid of pet hair that will mean less hair pulling for you.

1. Driving me crazy: How do I remove pet hair from cars?

Dog park days to vet trips and romps through the woods, our pets leave all sorts of love (and furballs) on our seats. And nothing sticks to upholstery quite like pet hair. 

To remove pet hair from the car, you’ll need a vacuum made for pet hair removal, dryer sheets and a lint roller. 

  1. Vacuum all the loose pet hair you can. 
  2. Break static cling that holds hair in place using dryer sheets, running them along exposed fabric.
  3. Roll over the area with the lint brush to get rid of pet hair that remains.

2. Clinging to fibers: What’s the best way to remove pet hair from carpet?

Vacuum all you want. Thanks to static cling, pet hair is determined to stick around in your carpet. To remove the fur and fluff stuck deep in the fibers:

  1. Mix one part fabric softener to three parts water.
  2. Add mixture to spray bottle and mist the carpet.
  3. Let dry completely, then you’re ready to vacuum and remove pet hair from your carpet.

3. Fur-free snuggles: How do I get dog hair out of blankets?

Does every blanket you buy go to the dogs? (Or cats?) If you’re craving a snuggle without prickly pet hair, here’s how to get dog (or cat) hair out of blankets.

  1. Spread the blankets out and roll a lint brush over them.
  2. Run blankets with a dryer sheet through a 10-minute tumble, with no heat, to soften the fabric and catch loose hair in the lint trap before washing.
  3. Throw blankets in the wash. Dry and remove hair from lint trap. Curl up hair free. 

If you skipped steps 1 and 2, you may be asking how to remove pet hair from your washing machine. In that case, keep reading!

Wet hair, I care: How do I remove pet hair from the washing machine?

Wet-pet scent isn’t usually the laundry smell, and chances are you want to keep clumps off clothes and clogs from occurring. Prevention is key. 

Brush and groom pets often. And before laundering pet-hair-heavy loads, use a lint roller or rubber gloves, then run a no-heat dry, to remove loose hair from fabrics. 

Want to go the extra mile? The Speed Queen DR7 has a special Pet Plus™ cycle that removes pet hair better. (Believe us, we’ve put it to the test.)

If wet fur still fills your tub, deep clean your washer once a month. 

  1. In a dry washing machine, use a vacuum with attachment to remove pet hair from the washing machine.
  2. Run an empty wash cycle. 
  3. Wipe the tub with a wet cloth to remove stray pet hairs.

Furry fabric: What’s best to remove pet hair from couches?

Pets make the best lounge buddies. Which, of course, means they get cozy on our couches. If you’re finding more fluff than furniture these days, it’s time to remove pet hair from your couches.  

  1. Vacuum your sofa in alternating directions using a brush attachment to remove and loosen hair.
  2. Run a damp latex or rubber glove over non-suede fabrics to collect hair.
  3. For stubborn hair on upholstery, rub area with a dryer sheet or spray a mist of water and fabric softener before wiping with gloved hand.
  4. For removable cushion covers, launder per instructions. 

Make removing pet hair everywhere easy

Giving pet hair a proper sendoff can be as easy as 1-2-3, whether it’s removing pet hair from cars, couches, fabrics or your wash tub. So, go ahead. Enjoy every extra-furry snuggle.