Laundry is all we do at Speed Queen. We also know that there are seemingly infinite processes for completing the task – how you do laundry may differ from your neighbor down the street. So, while our TR range of top load washers produce a great clean with an extremely gentle wash action, other customers may sacrifice gentle, in favor of speed.

Well, if a classic, more aggressive wash action is your preferred way of washing, Speed Queen’s TC5 top load washer is the machine for you. Oh, and did we mention it doesn’t have a lid lock?

Featuring the Speed Queen Classic Clean™, our TC5 delivers an aggressive wash, with a transmission-driven 210-degree agitation stroke. In addition, the washer offers deep fill and rinse options. The TC5 features all the benefits you loved in your classic top load washer. Best of all, it’s a Speed Queen…so you know it’s been tested to give you 25 years of use in the average home, with a three-year parts and in-home labor warranty to back it up.

So, with the versatility and gentle wash action of TR models and now the addition of a classic wash with the TC5, Speed Queen has all the options to cater to how you want to do the laundry.

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