Laundry, Peace, and Quiet

Shhhh… ocean waves… a spa… soothing… calming… natural… this is how our washer has been described when it’s agitating. Wait, what? People use those descriptors to describe a washing machine? Yes, they do.

Let’s talk decibels.

43 decibels equates to the noise level of a library, a bird call or the agitation of a Speed Queen top load washer. Our top load washing machine is so quiet, you may question whether or not it’s working until you hear the water swooshing back and forth.

Why is it so quiet?

Just like commercial applications, the Speed Queen top load washer uses an inverter drive with a pulley system to move the wash basket, creating a motion similar to an ocean wave; powerful and quiet.

Check out this video to hear it for yourself:

noise challenge

If you have main floor or second floor laundry rooms, or sleeping children nearby, this machine is ideal.