We are asked often about why Speed Queen products aren’t found in big box retailers. Our answer is always that independent dealers are your local experts, who truly understand our product and are best positioned to tell our American quality story. But that’s only part of the answer. 

The second part is predicated on the “local” term. Your local dealer doesn’t have a staff of hundreds, nor are they traded on the NYSE. These are your friends and neighbors, who are as committed to ensuring you get the right product for your needs as they are giving back to their community. 

Such is the case of Hagedorn Appliances in Erlanger, Ky. The company recently donated a portion of all Speed Queen sales in April to DCCH Center for Children and Families. April was Child Abuse Awareness Month. 

Hagedorn donated $6,250 to the organization. This total is even more impressive given the constraints of the business during the COVID-19 quarantine. At Speed Queen, local matters and we are happy it matters to our dealers as well. At Speed Queen, we are proud to partner with dealers like Hagedorn Appliances, 

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