We rarely…err…never do video reviews in our blog section, but how could we not when we saw this gem on YouTube by the folks at Wranglerstar? This one had it all – laughs, heartache (from an underperforming washer and dryer set) and crazy plot twists and revelations such as: 

  • High efficiency washers don’t get clothes clean 
  • High efficiency washers don’t use enough water  
  • “Hot” water wash cycles in some machines don’t always truly deliver hot water 
  • Those shiny, colorful units at the big box retailers may look great, but they often don’t last more than a couple years and lead to costly repairs 

Like any great movie, our protagonists were at their limit – does anyone in America build high quality, durable laundry equipment anymore? But then…the revelation…maybe the brand most often seen toiling away in laundromats and on college campuses had an answer. 

**** Spoiler Alert ***** 

They did. 

With new Speed Queen units unboxed and installed, this video has a delightfully happy ending. Check out the full video here and see others from this family, who gave up city life in favor of becoming modern-day homesteaders