Those who purchase a Speed Queen product, buy on trust. They buy because they trust the independent retailer was honest in saying this is the most heavy duty washer (or dryer) on the market. They trust that a manufacturing plant in little Ripon, Wis. is just as committed to American quality as it was when it started making washers 110 years ago. At our company, trust matters…and we are committed to delivering the most reliable laundry products in the world.

So when our customers are given a voice in the marketplace and rank Speed Queen’s top load as one of the most reliable in the category, we are validated. But when we are the only brand to receive an “Excellent” rating in owner satisfaction, we are humbled. Speed Queen owners have had their trust confirmed.

Those are exactly the marks our top load washer scored in a recent Consumer Reports survey.

Speed Queen’s legendary reliability isn’t arrived at by accident. It comes as a result of our expertise in the commercial laundry industry. We design our machines to stand up to the rough demands of vended and commercial laundries. Commercial quality begins with testing our products to stand up to at least 10,400 cycles, or roughly 25 years of life in an average household. The recent survey result is clear confirmation that our approach works.

However, a long-lasting product only goes so far in the appliance world. The machine has to deliver great results with every use. And if that washer is a bit higher priced, as ours is, expectations are even higher – it better deliver. In the Consumer Reports survey of 76,517 readers, Speed Queen did just that, achieving the only “excellent” rating among top load washer brands. That translates into the proportion of those surveyed being “extremely likely to recommend the washer they bought to friends and family.”

The cornerstone of our American quality story is trust. For more than a century, consumers around the globe have trusted our products are built better to last longer. While we like to think we always measure up, the customer’s voice speaks the loudest and is all that matters. The recent Consumer Reports survey and rankings show their trust in the brand. That trust also shines in the online reviews customers post on our own website. Those who own our products love them, giving Speed Queen the ultimate reflection of trust – recommending our products to friends and family.