DF7 dryer updated with Pet Plus cycles and steam features

Ripon, Wisconsin – [March 7, 2023] – Speed Queen, creator of the original cycles dedicated to pet items, is expanding on its pet commitment with the launch of its upgraded front load washer. The new model will feature a Flea Cycle.

“Since we introduced them in 2021, our Pet Plus™ cycles of the DR7 dryers have been wildly popular with pet owners,” said Cody Masluk, vice president of Speed Queen residential. “We are excited to add another helpful cycle.”

The Flea Cycle is proven to kill cat fleas (the most pervasive type) at every stage of the lifecycle, and is an additional tool for consumers, who have items that may have come in contact with the pests.

Speed Queen’s front load washer upgrade also includes a variety of features to make it a versatile investment for any laundry room. Among the upgrades are:

  • Stain Boost – For those especially tough stains – hot or cold type – this cycle add-on treats the load with a 20-minute cold water wash ahead of the main cycle.
  • Extra Rinses – Perfect for consumers with sensitive skin, enables users to add up to three additional cold rinses to ensure any residual chemistry is removed from items.
  • Tub Clean – A great option to keep the washer performing at its best.

Coupled with the upgrades to the front load washer, Speed Queen added the Pet Plus™ cycles to the matching DF7 dryer. In addition to the Pet Hair Removal and Pet Items cycles, the upgraded dryer now offers the convenience of steam options, including steam sanitize and steam refresh. A steam boost option will reduce wrinkles and pesky static for quality results. The DF7 also is ENERGY STAR® certified.

For more information about commercial quality Speed Queen products, visit https://speedqueen.com/products/all-products/#front-load-washers.


About Speed Queen: Speed Queen’s proven laundry performance outshines the competition. Speed Queen was established 1908 in Ripon, Wisconsin, USA. Still in Ripon, that original company grew into Alliance Laundry Systems. Alliance is the world leader in commercial laundry in terms of sales, range, reach and R&D investment. Speed Queen today offers powerful commercial laundry solutions that are available for the home, too. Over the decades, Speed Queen has developed extraordinary loyalty among laundry professionals. People responsible for laundry love Speed Queen’s measurably superior performance in results, reliability, support and overall value. For those who need large volumes of perfectly clean laundry, Speed Queen is the laundry star.