Determining the Perfect Dry Time

Having trouble determining the perfect drying time for your load of laundry? How you dry your clothes can affect how they look and how long they last.

Advanced Moisture Sensing

Speed Queen DR7 model dryers have an advanced moisture-sensing feature that is designed to save energy and money. Moisture Sensing uses a dedicated sensor located inside the drum on the machine. Based on load size, type and the moisture level selected, the control will go through the number of required heat cycles based on extensive factory testing. Upon completion of the calculated heat cycles, the control initiates a cool down process, eliminating unnecessary drying.

Dryers that don’t have a moisture sensor force you to guess how long you should run the dryer. The problem with guessing is that if the dryer doesn’t run long enough, your clothes will be damp; and if it runs too long, you’ll waste electricity and money heating clothes that are already dry. A moisture sensor takes the guesswork out of drying your clothes.

Over drying causes fabrics to shrink, become static and wrinkle. Speed Queen’s moisture sensing technology will save you money on utilities and extend the life of your valuable garments.

Happy drying!