What does it mean?

What does machine capacity actually mean? Washer capacity refers to the size of the washer basket or drum, and is typically measured in cubic feet. So does a bigger number mean the more laundry you can do at one time? Not necessarily.

The government formula measures only the RAW size of the wash tub- which is the capacity rating you see listed on the machine.  This is not the measurement of how much of that tub is actually usable for clothes, water and the best washing action. This is a major source of confusion when purchasing a top load washer.

The below video shows  how a Speed Queen Top Load Washer, with a 3.2 capacity rated tub,  can hold the same load size as other competitors with larger capacity rated tubs.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a top load washer. Don’t let the capacity rating of the machine effect your final decision.

Happy washing!