5 reasons to shop local

Here at Speed Queen, we believe in the importance of buying local. In fact, we believe so strongly in the benefits of shopping with local entrepreneurs that we only sell our home washers and dryers through local, independent dealers. Why? Because we know you—our customer—will get the best experience by shopping local.

Here are 5 reasons we put our trust in local appliance experts (and you should, too):

  1. They truly are Local appliance dealers generally have greater product knowledge of all the brands they sell. Ask them questions. They are happy to be a resource for you. Need advice? Local appliance dealers can provide customized product recommendations based on your needs.
  2. They deliver excellent customer service. Appliance dealers are passionate about what they do—it’s one of the biggest reasons they go into business for themselves. And, they want to share this passion for their products with you. Simply put, that translates into great customer service for you.
  3. Their business is about relationships, not just sales. Don’t be surprised if your local appliance dealer asks you questions, too. They like to get to know the people who are buying their products. With this personal connection, they are better able to ensure you are buying the right product for your needs and lifestyle.
  4. Once they know you, they’ll deliver personalized service during future purchases, too. Local appliance dealers tend to get to know their customers. Once you buy something—especially if it’s a larger appliance purchase—they will remember you. When they make a personal connection and remember your past purchases, they will tailor future sales to suit you.
  5. All of these reasons for buying from a local dealer translate into greater convenience. You’ll not only save time by buying from a local expert, but it’s also likely you’ll be happier with your purchase.

As an added benefit, shopping local is good for your community. According to an American Independent Business Alliance study, 48 percent of the money made from your purchase will stay local as opposed to 14 percent spent at big box stores.

So, the next time you are shopping for a new home washer and dryer, or any appliance, trust your local experts. To find a reputable Speed Queen dealer in your community, use our online search feature.