Which top load washer is right for you?

Are you in the market for a top load washer but unsure what to look for? What does an agitator do? If your machine doesn’t have one, will it wash your clothes well?

Agitator 101

Years ago, all top load washers had full size agitators.  The purpose of the design was to move the clothes and water not only back and forth, but also up and down to create the maximum amount of clothing turnover. Turnover helps your clothes rub together, which is very effective for removing many types of stains and cleaning your clothes better.

Is high efficiency really efficient when it comes to getting your clothes clean?

In 2001, some manufacturers introduced “High Efficiency” (HE) top load washers.  High efficiency means that the machine was built to use less water and less energy.  These machines used a wash plate at the bottom of the tub instead of an agitator which means:

  • Less water: the default water fill level was typically about halfway up the washtub.
  • Longer cycles: the clothes turnover was compromised which led to longer wash cycles.

The Speed Queen Difference

Speed Queen top load washers fill with a full tub of water and have a high vane agitator designed for commercial applications.  That means you’re getting the same durable quality in your home that you would find at a laundromat. The agitator rotates 210° at 68 strokes per minute moving your clothes through the water—and water through your clothes—for a more thorough wash.  Plus, our smooth stainless steel wash tub is easier on linens when they brush against it which saves wear on fabric.

Speed Queen top load washers are designed to wash all load types and meet the Department of Energy standards for both water consumption and energy usage with our normal eco-cycle. If you want the option of using higher water levels, a full size agitator, a deep tub rinse OR a cycle that can save you more money on energy, you can get the best of both worlds with Speed Queen.