We’ve all heard the jokes. Laundry is a never-ending cycle (pun intended)—even as the last clothes come out of the dryer, you’re wearing your next load of laundry. While we can’t help you break the cycle, we can help make laundry day a little easier. We put together a list of super simple laundry hacks that’ll make your next laundry day a snap.

Tip #1: Mesh Bags Make Organization Easy

Everyone knows mesh bags are a great way to keep your delicates safe in the wash. But they can be a game changer in other ways as well.

Toss your socks—or any other clothing sets—into a mesh bag and you’ll never have to hunt for a lost partner again. Bonus: They even keep baby socks from getting trapped in machine crevices.You can also put items that need to avoid the dryer in mesh bags as a reminder. This can be especially helpful if you’ve got someone helping you with laundry.

Tip #2: Dry Erase Markers Prevent Mistakes

Keep a dry erase marker by your machines to remind yourself or family members of important details like:

  • Items that can’t go in the dryer.
  • Clothes that require a special drying cycle.

You can write notes to yourself directly on your washer or dryer and clean them off with no mess.

Tip #3: Eliminate Wrinkles with Ice Cubes

Did a load sit in the dryer too long? Need a laundry hack to get wrinkles out of your shirts when you don’t have the time to iron? Put your clothes in the dryer, set it on the warmest setting you can without damaging your item, add a few ice cubes and let the steam remove the wrinkles.

Note: The fewer garments and ice cubes, the better this works.

Tip #4: Un-shrink Sweaters with Baby Shampoo

Did your favorite sweater shrink a bit in the wash? Or go through the dryer? You may be able to take it from tiny to full-sized:

  1. Fill a sink with lukewarm water.
  2. Add a capful or two of baby shampoo.
  3. Let your sweater soak for 10 minutes.
  4. Take it out of the water, place it on a towel, and roll the towel to remove excess water.
  5. While the sweater is still damp, stretch it back to its original size.

Tip #5: Clean Your Sneakers in the Washer

Whether you use them for running, gardening or walking around town, sneakers frequently end up covered in grime. To make them look almost new:

  1. Put them in a mesh bag.
  2. Wash in cold water on the delicate cycle.
  3. Use a gentle detergent—and only about half of what you’d use for a normal load.
  4. Hang them up to air dry.

Want more laundry techniques to make your sneakers look new? Check out our sneaker-cleaning blog.

Tip #6: Get Gym Clothes Clean with Vinegar

Working hard and playing hard can lead to smells that are hard to get out of clothes. Try soaking your gym clothes in a mixture of cold water and a half-cup vinegar to get gym clothes smelling fresh again.

We’ve got more vinegar-based laundry techniques in this blog.

Tip #7: Pool Noodles Prevent Creases

Whether you’re putting something on the drying rack or hanging dress pants over a hanger, a pool noodle can prevent creases and save you ironing time.

Just get a few noodles at your local dollar store, slice them open lengthwise and cut them down to size. Then slide them onto the rack or hanger to keep away wrinkles.

Tip #8: Strip Your Sheets

Laundry stripping has become the latest craze when it comes to cleaning towels and sheets. Fill your bathtub with hot water and add: 

  • ¼ cup borax
  • ¼ cup washing soda
  • ½ cup detergent

Let towels and sheets soak for about five hours, swishing them around from time to time to free up dirt. Once everything is clean, empty the tub and rinse off our newly stripped linens.

Note: Check tags to make sure your items can handle being cleaned in hot water.

Tip #9: A Shiny Solution to Dryer Static

Out of dryer sheets and don’t have time to run to the store? Crumple up some aluminum foil into a ball and toss it into the dryer to reduce static.

Tip #10: Spice Up Your Clothing with Salt

The secret to keeping colors vibrant is right in your kitchen. Adding a tablespoon of salt to your laundry will seal in the colors and prevent them from fading.

Simple Solutions to Cleaning Problems

Of course, the best laundry hack is using the best tool for the job. Speed Queen machines use the Perfect Wash System to remove stains and take care of your clothing—which can help you save even more time.

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