Including how to fold towels like the fancy spas

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably heard of TikTok. The music-driven, short video social app was quickly adopted by tweens, teens and young adults. More recently, it’s become popular for those over 30 – in large part due to the number of DIY and home décor videos being posted. These days, TikTok is a trove of cleaning videos, how-to clips and laundry tips.

Let’s jump into some of our favorite laundry hacks and folding tips from #cleantok:

#1 How to read laundry labels (and other laundry hacks)

TikTok creator @jeeves_ny, also known as Clean Freakz, is a NYC-based dry cleaner on a mission to teach everyone how to better care for their clothes. His videos include stain removal techniques, difficult fabric care tips and this viral clip explaining how to read the care labels on your clothing. If you’ve ever wondered what all of the symbols on your tags are trying to tell you, here’s your answer.


Explaining the care label symbols and meanings! #carelabel #care #clothes #stain #laundry #howto #explained #didyouknow #clean #fyp #cleaning

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#2 A perfectly organized sock drawer

Marie Kondo taught us all the vertical laundry folding hack that revolutionized our dressers – but most of us are still balling up our socks and tossing them together in a drawer. What if you could open your sock drawer and see exactly what you’re looking for? Check out this TikTok hack and other closet organization tips from home organization expert, @thesimplyorganized.


Organized sock drawer dreams! || #organizinghacks #closetorganization #storagehacks #professionalorganizer

♬ You Make My Dreams (Come True) – Daryl Hall & John Oates

#3 How to fold kids’ sweaters (and just about everything else!)

No matter how strong your folding game is, kids’ clothes are tricky. Think about space-saving folding solutions as you’re packing up bulky coats and sweaters for the season. Personal organizer,, shares folding, storing and organizing hacks like this quick tutorial on folding small sweaters for simple storage.

Folding and storage inside of boxes! #sweater #kidsclothes #howtofold #foldingclothes #folding #organizinghacks #organizing #closetorganization #diy

♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots

#4 The ultimate whitening laundry hack – no bleaching required

Here’s a laundry hack that feels like a fun science experiment. Combine a few ingredients and form homemade laundry whitening blocks to keep whites fresh and stain-free. Check out this quick tip and other home care hacks by TikToker @carolina.mccauley.


These miracle laundry blocks are my secret to clean and care for white clothing. ? #laundrytips #laundryhacks #laundrytok #laundry #homehacks

♬ Dusk Till Dawn – Madilyn Bailey

#5 How to fold towels like a fancy hotel spa

Besides a luxurious fluffed towel, fresh from the dryer, the next best thing is a fancy folded towel. Upscale hotels and spas know it –that’s why they put extra effort into such a simple task. Enjoy the benefits of a fancy fold after your next soak in the tub with this simple folding tutorial from @mama_mila_. Scented candles optional.


Bring the spa home to you ?‍♀️ #HomeDecor #tipsandtricks #bathroomcheck #stylinghack #cleanhome #organisehacks #bathroomdecor #myhomestyle

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