Whether it’s a dream vacation or cross-country move, figuring out how to pack for a trip can be tricky. Fitting all your clean and dirty apparel requires creativity and patience. Oftentimes, the process leaves people frustrated.

Avoid headaches by preparing to pack before your journey. Using simple techniques can alleviate stress, save space and promote organization. Take control of your next trip by using these proven packing hacks to lessen laundry hassles.

Getting Ready for a Trip? Maximize Space

Don’t let packing damper the excitement of your vacation. With the right tools, you won’t have to compromise fitting your wardrobe and essentials.

  • Make a packing list.
  • Wear heavier items instead of packing them.
  • Check which items you can buy at your destination.
  • Roll your clothes and keep outfits together.
  • Wrap shoes in plastic bags to avoid dirtying clothes.

Keep Clothes Organized

Avoid frantic searches through your suitcase. When traveling, it’s critical to keep clothing organized for quick and easy access.

  • Use packing cubes to separate apparel.
  • Store bulky items in compression bags.
  • Take advantage of your suitcase’s bag zippered compartment.

On travel day, have your bags ready. Don’t leave packing needs until the last minute. This will help your traveling process go smoothly—and it will help you feel calmer, too.

Keep Clothes Fresh During Trips with Storage Hacks

When packing for a long vacation or trip, storing your clothes strategically can provide peace of mind once you arrive at your destination.

  • Pack non-hanging clothes for efficiency
  • Hang clothes when possible
    • Protect clothes with garment bags.
    • Unpack immediately upon arrival and hang clothes in closets.
    • Use a steamer or iron to remove minor wrinkles.

How to Pack Dirty Clothes While Traveling

When you’re on-the-go, have a separate space for dirty clothes—a basket, drawer, closet or designated area. It’s a good idea to pack an odor-eliminating spray for your trip. Affordable, lightweight and efficient, these sprays can be a quick fix for bad smells. You can also use stain sticks to address pesky marks on clothes.

Make sure to pack your dirty clothes apart from your clean clothes. You don’t want lingering odors or dirt to tarnish your fresh laundry.

  • Utilize a sturdy, washable laundry bag.
  • Use spare plastic bags for storage.
  • Repurpose your pillowcase as a laundry sack.
  • Use thick-fabric beach towels as separators.
  • Implement waterproof dry bags to secure odors and moisture.

Don’t Put Off Unpacking When You Return

Stain sticks, separated bags and odor-eliminating sprays only go so far. When you return home, don’t let clothing sit in your suitcase. Immediately unpack and hang items you have ensured are still clean while taking those you’ve designated as dirty straight to the laundry room. Retreat stains as needed and follow label instructions for the freshest fabrics.

If your suitcase also has smells that have hitchhiked along with the dirty laundry, let it air out or use an odor-eliminator before you store it. This will ensure your suitcase is prepped for the next trip and fresh clothes won’t take on any lingering, nose-offensive smells.

Up Your Packing Game Now

Make your next trip seamless. If you are curious about how to pack for a trip, you can follow these simple steps for a painless travel experience.