A little TLC for yourself can happen by giving your laundry room the same attention. Organization, functionality and visual appeal using laundry room accessories can make any laundry day easier. So, whether you plan a complete laundry room renovation or seek a small-scale solution, discover how these laundry room accessories and tips provide that tender loving care every household can benefit from.  

Control Laundry Room Chaos

Shoes, stains and dirty clothes galore, the laundry room attracts loads of messes. Keep the clean alive by eliminating clutter before it begins. 

Upgrade the Entryway

If your laundry room is situated by a home entrance, you know the struggles of kicked off shoes, coats piled high and bags slumped everywhere. Consider adding entryway furniture to keep these odds and ends organized and tucked away. 

Small but Mighty Storage

Never underestimate the power of storage bins and baskets. Not only are these laundry room accessories affordable, but there is always opportunity to put them to use. Tired of dryer balls falling on the floor? Put them in a bin. Mistake your stain remover with your detergent? Put each in a labeled basket. The options are nearly endless.

Unconventional Laundry Storage

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think laundry storage? Maybe shelves or cabinets? Whether your laundry room is spacious or small, these unconventional storage hacks are ideal for any space. 

Vertical Storage Solutions

Ceiling-mounted storage shelves and wall-mounted laundry drying racks are great options for freeing space in your laundry room. Other creative vertical ideas include hanging clothes racks and slatted wall board to hold dusters, lint brushes and spray bottles within easy reach.

Swap Your Ironing Board

Ease your ironing by swapping your clunky, folding ironing board to one that stows away. Wall-mounted ironing boards free up floor space. And as a bonus, many wall-mounted ironing boards feature a cabinet for additional laundry room storage.

Keep it Clean

Things go into the laundry room dirty and come out clean, so of course you want to take advantage of opportunities that will help deliver a better clean.     

Upgrade Your Sink

A large utility sink is a laundry room staple. From kids’ art supplies and garden dirt to soaking stains and hand washing clothes, utility sinks are a versatile fixture that can benefit any laundry room and will save wear and tear on your kitchen sink.

Add A Tub for Fido

Have you considered adding a wash tub for your four-legged family member? This laundry room accessory eliminates wet paw prints across the house after Fido escapes the tub. And, it makes it convenient to throw post-bath towels right into the washer. Learn more about pet wash tubs and considerations for purchasing. 

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