According to a recent article on parenting duties, moms spend about 44 minutes per day on the laundry. Whether picking it up off the floor, sorting it, washing it, folding it or putting it away, moms everywhere are overloaded with wash. Although we can’t make your laundry piles disappear, we’ve compiled a list of five avoidable laundry mistakes that are costing moms big time.

Laundry Mistake #1: Forgetting to Pretreat Stains

One of the more common laundry mistakes is forgetting to pretreat stains. Once set, many stains are nearly impossible to get out. And if they do come out, it often takes several washes. Whether you use store-bought product or a homemade remedy, one of the most important things to remember is to treat spots with a stain remover as soon as possible. Equally important, NEVER scrub a stain. Doing so can cause the stain to spread. Rather, gently dab the stain, working from the outside in. 

Laundry Mistake #2: Forgoing the Presort

If organization is your jam, you’ll love this laundry hack. Use a laundry sorting bin or multiple baskets to presort your laundry. It not only keeps things tidy, it can save oodles of sort time, too. Simply label each bin or basket by clothing type (whites, darks, towels and anything else you wash separately). Voila. Your laundry is instantly sorted and ready for the wash.

Laundry Mistake #3: Forgetting to Check Pockets

Tissue. Crayons. Chapstick. All these seemingly harmless items, when left in a pants or shirt pocket, can turn laundry day into a disaster. Save time, clothes and maybe even your sanity by checking all pockets before tossing in the wash. This advice cannot be overstated if you have kids!

Laundry Mistake #4: Overloading the Washing Machine

If you’re wondering what happens if you put too many clothes in the washer, consider this: Overloading your washing machine creates added wear and tear. But it can also prevent laundry from coming out clean resulting in the need for a second wash. Cramming in too many clothes can create excess wrinkles, too, which can equate to time spent ironing (Note: the same holds true if you overload your dyer). For best results, load your machine loosely and evenly. For top loading machines, keep clothes below the agitator or load three-quarters full or less. For front loading machines, best practice is to fill the drum about 80% full.

Laundry Mistake #5: Overlooking the Permanent Press Setting

If you’ve never used the permanent press setting on your dryer, you’re in for a treat. Permanent press dries at medium heat and ends with a cool-down, so your clothes come out wrinkle-free. This cycle is a serious game changer for those who hate to iron. For best results, remove clothes immediately after the cycle is complete, give a quick shake and fold or hang right away.

From Dirty to Done

By avoiding these common laundry mistakes, you can quickly transform your laundry from dirty to done, freeing up time for anything but more wash. Best of luck!