The days are getting longer, the trees are budding, and flowers are starting to bloom. That also means it’s time to open the windows and start spring cleaning. Though the projects requiring attention might be plentiful, don’t forget to add your washing machine to your list. Start on the inside and work your way to the outside.

Top Load Washer

Did you know you should clean your fabric softener dispenser? Over time, liquid fabric softener residue can build up in the dispenser so it’s important to remove the dispenser from the agitator to clean it.

You can do so by squeezing the lower part of the dispenser, pulling directly upward and tilting it toward you slightly. Once you’ve removed the dispenser, you can remove the bottom part of the dispenser by squeezing on the bottom part to separate the pieces and removing the dispenser cup. Once you pull the pieces apart, soak them in warm, soapy water and rinse clean. A toothbrush will work wonders on any residue leftover in the dispenser or in the agitator.

The video below will show you how:

Hold on to that toothbrush and use it to clean any residue that may have accumulated on the inside of the agitator vain as well. Rinse thoroughly with water to flush.

Front Load Washer

Over time, residue can accumulate in the dispenser drawer, but it’s quick and easy to clean. Pull the drawer out until it stops. Then press the tab under the drawer to release and remove it. Pour hot water into the dispenser drawer, making sure it flushes through each compartment and if needed, use a small brush to thoroughly clean out any residue.

Though Speed Queen washers don’t get the same musty odor people often associate with front load washers, it’s still good practice to check for lint and wipe down the rubber gasket occasionally.


Skip the scouring pads and abrasive cleansers on the outside of your machine. Use only a damp or sudsy cloth for cleaning the cabinet and control panel. Some cleaning products may harm the finish on the control panel or damage the interior so stick to a gentle cleaner that doesn’t contain alcohol. Wipe the panel dry after cleaning.

Use these tips to keep your Speed Queen machine looking as good as new!