Bouquets, heart-shaped chocolates and cards from your sweetheart can only mean one thing—love is in the air. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing a few love notes we’ve received from our not-so-secret admirers—our customers. Discover some of our customers’ favorite things in these Speed Queen reviews.

Falling in Love with Features

“This is my first Speed Queen washer/dryer. We remodeled our laundry room and Speed Queen was recommended to us by several friends. We love the compactness of the stackable washer dryer and we are delighted with the functionality! Thanks for making a product that I know will stand the test of time!” -Margo from Minnesota, SF7 stacked washer/dryer

“Absolutely love this dryer. No computer board, just good old-fashioned turn knobs. Dries a large load of towels or jeans in 50 minutes. I’ve had a Speed Queen washer for 4 years and knew the dryer would be just as good.” -Roseann from New York, DR5 dryer

“We got the digital option for both which are easy to use and there are more choices with them depending on the load. And having a digital readout on number of minutes left is really great!” -Beverly from Georgia, DR7 dryer

Devoted to Durability

“My husband and I could not be happier. The front loader set is user friendly and works great! There are way too many fancy products out there now that I thought I wanted but after learning more about Speed Queens, I am hooked. I was not looking to buy a product that would need to be replaced in a year or two like most products out there anymore. Thank you, Speed Queen, for making a great product that will last us many years.” -Sara from Oregon, FF7 washer

“They work great! They are much more durable, efficient and quiet than I expected. I love that they are made in America and are built to last a long time. The 7-year warranty was a deciding factor when purchasing.” -Tambra from Minnesota, TR7 washer

Charmed by Convenience

“This machine is fast and gets the job done!! Great for families, Wash and dry cycles are fast. I highly recommend this machine to anyone I know.” -Morgan from California, FF7 washer

“Excellent dryer. Love the lint trap. So easy to clean and lint doesn’t get all over the clean laundry!” -Carol from Iowa, DR7 dryer

Passionate About Performance

“We needed a smaller footprint, gas dryer, and decent capacity and high reliability ratings. This really narrowed down things to this unit alone. We have now used it about 2 months and have been impressed with its efficiency. Less water usage, and its spin speed means the laundry comes out of the washer very “wrung out”. Requires less dryer time. And the dryer is fast.” -Joe from California, SF7 stacked washer/dryer

“I have 6 kids between his, mine and ours and let’s be honest, I’m washing and drying clothes every day! The kids have tough stains from playing outside and my husband is a machine operator, so he gets dirt, oil, and who knows all over him. So, I read reviews, talked to friends and family and decided to go with Speed Queen! Long warranties and heavy-duty machines built to last! Boy, they weren’t kidding! My clothes are coming out brighter and cleaner than I’ve ever seen them! I’m super impressed!” -Amber from Iowa, TR7 washer

“Today’s washers don’t get clothes cleaned properly therefore I bought a Speed Queen. I’m loving it. It’s like going back to washing clothes the right way. And NO bacteria smell from a plastic drum anymore. The machine washes my clothes thoroughly the first time and it’s nice and quiet.” -Dana from Virginia, TR3 washer

Our heart skips a beat when the love we feel for our customers is returned! If you’d like to leave a Speed Queen review, find your machine and share the love.