Our Pet Plus™ cycles project was born out of our team’s love of pets and the joy they bring to us each day. Over the next few months, we’ll be posting the stories of the pets who inspired the idea. Today, we’ll meet Dexter, Mocha and Java, and no, we’re not talking about coffee.

There’s something special about giving a pet with a rough upbringing a new home, according to Tina Wallace. She would know – she’s done it more than three times. Tina, who works at Alliance Laundry Systems, brought Dexter home after answering an ad on Facebook marketplace. When Tina arrived to meet Dexter, she was devastated to see the horrendous conditions in which Dexter was living.

“He had no food, no water and just a cement floor in a basement,” Tina said. “The Facebook post said the dog, Dexter, needed to be gone ASAP.” Tina and her husband, Greg, quickly gathered Dexter and took him to their home where he would be safe.

As you would expect, because of Dexter’s tough living conditions, he had a variety of medical problems during the transition to living in his new home. Now 5-years-old, Dexter is thriving though, and, according to Tina, is one of the most spoiled dogs you’ll ever meet.

Some of Dexter’s favorite pastimes include being outside, laying in the sun and, oddly enough, driving the family’s golf cart.

“He will just sit on his dad’s lap and put his paws up on the steering wheel,” Tina said. “He loves it. Everyone gets a kick out of it.”

Dexter is definitely a daddy’s dog, though. Wherever Greg goes, you’ll find his shadow Dexter close by.

Tina’s second dog Mocha is also a rescue. Mocha, now 2, was part of a litter where the mama got loose, had a bunch of babies and mom’s owner was unable to keep them all. When Tina saw a post on social media that the adorable yorkie-poo pup needed a new home, she immediately stepped in.

Mocha LOVES to be outside. Another one of Mocha’s favorite activities, or at least Mocha’s mom’s favorite activity, is to get dressed up.

“She has PJs for bed, little barrettes, goggles for wind surfing out the car window,” Tina said. “Some people may think I’m crazy, but I don’t care.”

Much like Dexter and Greg, Tina and Mocha are inseparable.

The family wasn’t quite complete yet, though, until just recently when Tina and Greg adopted Java – a one-year-old shih tzu/yorkie/cocker spaniel mix. Not much is known about Java’s upbringing, but she does have some medical issues the family is working through. Java is much smaller and skinnier than expected but is slowly gaining weight and getting healthier by the day.

Each of Tina’s dogs have their own personality, and Java is the cuddle bug of the family. Each is affectionate, but Java’s got the best snuggles, Tina said.

“They’re all great, but Java’s my favorite,” Tina said. “She’s that one dog you have in life that you’ll never forget.”

Now that they are all thriving in a stable, loving, healthy environment, Tina said the three pups are finally starting to get along, get their rhythm and have some fun. The pups are never bored, either, because they have more toys than Tina has floorspace. Quite literally – they have four large plastic bins that hold all of the dogs’ toys.

“I spoil them so much,” Tina said. “I wasn’t able to have dogs growing up so now I just rescue all the dogs I can.”