Our Pet Plus™ cycles project was born out of our team’s love of pets and the joy they bring to us each day. Over the next few months, we’ll be posting the stories of the pets who inspired the idea. Today, we’ll meet a fluffy rescue cat named Twig.

Rachel Kasubaski grew up with cats, so it was no surprise to anyone that she was very interested in getting a cat herself. Rachel, who works in human resources at Alliance Laundry Systems, just happened to get lucky enough to adopt the sweetest, most loving cat in the universe.

Rachel rescued then 2-year-old Twig in 2010 from the Fond du Lac Humane Society when Rachel was just 18. It wasn’t a decision she took lightly, though. Being responsible for cats when Rachel was younger helped her know just what she was getting into. That being said, Rachel said she’s never met another cat like Twig.

“He’s my cat soulmate,” Rachel said. “He’s just the most perfect companion.” In addition to the emotional bond the two have, they also share a birthday. Twig, who Rachel lovingly refers to as her ‘fluff monster,’ is (probably) a Turkish Van cat with loads of personality and even more love to give.

Even though they’re soulmates, Rachel initially went to the Humane Society to look at a specific kitten. Turns out, that kitten even knew Rachel and Twig were meant to be because the kitten completely ignored Rachel. Rachel, understandably disappointed, looked around the room about to leave, when something caught her eye. It was Twig, with his big fluffy tummy exposed, playing with a shoelace.

“I reached out and rubbed his tummy, and from there, it was over,” Rachel said.

Twig, aka the friendliest cat you’ll ever meet, gets along with all animals, big and small. The proud cat mom said Twig even gets along with the other fur friends in the house, like Rachel’s 2-year-old puppy. In fact, Twig was a big part of the puppy’s welcome home committee.

Although Twig will be 14 this year, he’s still spunky, spry, full of love and enjoys a good snuggle.