Turn Your Laundry Routine Green with 4 Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips

You wouldn’t want your clothes to turn green in the washer, but a green laundry routine is a different story. It’s easier than you may think to make your laundry routine more sustainable with four eco-friendly laundry tips. With a few simple changes, you can take care of your laundry and the environment. All this, of course, without taking time away from walking the dog or binge watching your favorite show.

Should You Use Cold or Warm Water for Laundry?

Thanks to improvements in today’s washing machines and detergents, using cold water for most loads not only cleans your laundry effectively, but also saves energy. Choosing cold water means your water heater isn’t running, which reduces the amount of energy needed.

Good news—this comes with a bonus. Make your favorite pair of jeans last longer by choosing cold water instead. Hot water can be harder on fabrics, causing clothes to fade and wear out sooner.

H2: Preserve Energy, Your Wallet and Your Clothes with a Shortened Cycle Time

When selecting the cycle time on your washer, choose shorter times for less soiled and delicate clothing for environmentally friendly laundry. Reserve longer times for heavily soiled or large items.

Work toward sustainability-hero status as you save water, energy (and money) and decrease the wear and tear on your clothes to help them last longer.

Don’t Get Left High and Dry When it Comes to an Eco-friendly Laundry Routine

How you dry your clothes plays an important role in environmentally friendly laundry.

  • Empty the dryer filter. When your dog sheds, its hair doesn’t just end up on the couch. You might be surprised how much pet hair and lint ends up in the lint filter, blocking the air flow. Clean the dryer filter after every load to enable your dryer to run efficiently and reduce energy usage.

To Wash or Not to Wash? Eco-Friendly Laundry Can Mean Skipping a Load.

The leggings you wore during this morning’s high-impact workout definitely belong in the laundry hamper. The same goes for the shirt you wore to take your dog to the vet. But what about lightly worn clothes? Not everything must be washed after just one wear. Save energy and water by re-wearing some of your clothing.

You’re on Your Way to Becoming a Sustainable Laundry Pro

Following these four eco-friendly laundry tips gets you on your way to a more sustainable laundry routine. It’s easy to go green as you wash and dry your clothes without sacrificing time, cleanliness or money. In fact, you can pocket the savings as a reward for going green.