Our state-of-the-art test lab has offered quite the 24/7 symphony for our lab engineers. We’ve had the thud of hockey pucks, clank of billiard balls, and the…OK, we’re not really sure what to call the “music” of garden tools dolling out abuse to the Speed Queen TR7 top load washer. But this livestream opus has been missing something… and we think you know what it is. That fever you have…there’s only one prescription …

Say it together: “more cowbell!”

Pretty sure that 20 pounds of Blue Panda cowbells answers that request.

If the noise level of billiard balls didn’t drive the Speed Queen test lab folks crazy, the cowbells just might.

Head on over to our legend livestream to see…and hear the cowbells challenging the TR7 for the next 30 days or so 24/7.