What does home de-improvement look like? Consult the livestream

If you’ve been following our Legend livestream, you’ll have noted we do things a little different. Far be it for Speed Queen to veer from consistency. So, while others are tackling fall home improvement projects, our test lab folks decided to grab 20 pounds of random tools and see if they can do some TR7 top load washer de-improvement.

Sockets, pry bars and various other tools will be turning live 24/7 for all the world to see. This may be the toughest challenge yet for our top-of-the-line top load washer. Come on, heavy, bladed objects swishing around the stainless steel washtub and then spinning around at 810 rpm?? This sounds like a recipe for a horror movie…well, it is October.

Ready to see how this potential top load washer horror movie ends? Head over to check out our legend livestream. Warning: tools running 24/7…this could be pretty frightening stuff.