Employee Spotlight

New adventures await Karla Ceman

Meet Karla. She’s wise, confident, thoughtful… and a little sassy.

We had the joy of interviewing Karla since she will be retiring this spring after 40+ years at Alliance Laundry Systems. When you work at the same place for that long, you accumulate a wealth of different experiences and Karla is no exception.

As we rode an old freight elevator, with a pull down door, to a floor many have never been to, it felt like we were taking a trip down memory lane. This step back in time landed us in a room with decades of history represented in old washing machines, and Karla was here through most of those changes.

Karla started her career at Alliance working second shift in the porcelain department and will be retiring from wire harnessing. Some would describe her as sweet, but don’t underestimate her moxy. Through the years, she has been part of several teams, including the machine shop and washer line; she’s operated a spade lift; she even worked on the ringer washer line (back when that was still a thing).  Back in the days of the ringer washer, she recalled how much pounding and physical effort went in to each and every machine and how that’s transitioned into suspended tools for easy access. She shared that Alliance is unlike any experience you’ll ever have and how much she enjoyed the opportunity to move around and learn different pieces of the business.

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Like many of our employees, Karla’s tenure at Alliance has also been a family affair. Her dad, daughters, son-in-law, grandson, granddaughter, nephew, and cousin have all been, or are currently, part of what brings these machines to life.

At work and beyond, Karla highlighted the people she met along the way and the impact those relationships had on her experience and tenure. From hand-written notes, to surprise parties celebrating her retirement, it’s clear she will be missed.

Retirement is going to look a little different, but still as busy as usual. Karla has a giving spirit and will be spending a lot of time with family. She is already planning mini trips with her grandkids and will continue on as a Junior Youth Leader at her church, working on projects such as the Orphan Grain Train, where they turn old t-shirts into diapers for third-world countries. Karla also enjoys landscaping and is a lifelong learner. In addition to the many projects she has on the horizon, she plans to take classes in drawing, painting, upholstery, and gardening. When she’s not dreaming up and overseeing remodeling projects for her husband, they’re going to hit the road. The bucket list is full of travel; first stop is Savannah, Ga. She also hopes to get to Washington D.C., San Diego, Germany, and Alaska.

Thank you, Karla, for your years of service, good work, and for leading with your amazing attitude.