Speed Queen’s game-changing technology offerings will change the way multi-housing residents do laundry

Ripon, Wis. October 18, 2018 – Speed Queen®, the global leader in commercial laundry, launched next-generation systems that will bring unmatched convenience to multi-housing residents on laundry day. Speed Queen Insights and the Speed Queen app are built on a foundation that doing laundry doesn’t have to be a dreaded task.

“With Speed Queen Insights and the Speed Queen app, we are giving property owners advanced tools that will help them attract and retain residents,” said Craig Madson, North American sales manager for Speed Queen multi-housing. “The ease of use and rewards that come with our app, along with the added convenience of our Wash Alert™ system, take the chore out of laundry for residents.”

The Speed Queen app offers residents a mobile payment option and Speed Queen Rewards program that promotes loyalty and keeps residents on-site. When combined with Wash Alert and the flexibility of Speed Queen washers and dryers, residents will get a laundry experience like no other on the market. With the Speed Queen app, residents can monitor the status of their load, check machine availability and, in the event of an issue, send service messages to the Speed Queen laundry service provider, all from their mobile device. The Speed Queen app is available via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

A cloud-based laundry management platform, Speed Queen Insights gives property managers and laundry service providers access to unparalleled data on operations (for single, multiple or all locations). Available reports include machine usage reports, machine monitoring and revenue reports. Best of all, the data is available whenever they want it and is exportable to PDF or Excel. Now, all parties can easily spot laundry room trends and are equipped with the advanced functionality to tailor cycles and promotions to increase resident usage and satisfaction.

Speed Queen Insights comes factory-installed and is easily configured, so no more drilling into machines to install third-party equipment. Because it’s factory supported by the global leader in commercial laundry, peace of mind comes standard.