Quality equipment is at the heart of all good stain removal processes…even at Blue Man Group

With more than 110 years in the industry, we like to think we know a little bit about stain removal… and we do. But the world of stain removal is an ever-changing landscape. Sure, there’s always been mud and  grease and coffee stains, but it’s unlikely our founders would have been able to envision the washing gauntlet thrown down by the Blue Man Group.

In a recent article published on, the author spoke with a pair of wardrobe professionals, whose task it is to remove that trademark blue paint…or is it makeup…or is it some other worldly compound from garments and costumes. 

Among their tips for stain removal are Dawn dish soap and commercial quality Speed Queen washers, which they say, do a good job of managing grease. Also suggested is wiping down the washer after a particularly dirty load. We couldn’t agree more.

To read the full article and learn the tips and tricks of stain removal practiced by the folks working behind the scenes of Blue Man Group, click here.

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