During our ongoing legend campaign, we’ve seen a lot of winners…and several losers as well.  

First the winners. The big winner is Brittany in Claremore, OK. She’s got a matching TR7 and DR7 washer and dryer pair coming her way. We are certain she’ll see decades of faithful service from these Ripon, Wis.-made products. Plus, we are sure she’ll take comfort in the fact that this is the same top load model that washed 20 pounds of hockey pucks and billiard balls for weeks.

We are also excited to announce that Johnson’s Furniture & Appliances in Marion, Ken. are among our winners as well. The folks at Johnson’s shared, posted, liked…heck, they might have even used a skywriter to increase awareness of the legend livestream and giveaway contest. So, the winning continues as we are giving Johnson’s a washer and dryer pair to share with a deserving family in their area.  

“We are super excited to have won and have engaged several organizations to identify a great family,” said Patti Merrill, who manages social media for Johnson’s. More to come on this later. 

As for the other winners…well, all who entered the contest. Your creativity definitely shone brightly. Your suggestions for future Legend campaign challenges either display a great confidence in our commercial quality or you really want to see something fail in catastrophic way…we’ll assume the former. 

Some of our favorites: 

  • A cast iron skillet (obviously, not a fan of cooking) 
  • Watermelons 
  • Ceramic dolls (yup, we agree…creepy) 
  • Toothbrushes (9/10 dentists agree) 
  • Toasters 
  • Corn on the cob 
  • Concrete blocks (love the vote of confidence for our product) 
  • Lawn darts 
  • The Rolling Stones (sorry, but “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”) 
  • Bones (ummmm ….) 
  • Military BDUs (already doing this daily on military bases around the world) 
  • Stuffed bear, unicorn, Pikachu (seems risky, cosmically speaking, in 2020 …could create a worm hole in the time-space continuum) 

And the losers in the recent campaign? Well, we’ve got buckets of hockey pucks and billiard balls that look pretty sad after failing to defeat the TR7. Never fear, we have much more to come…stay tuned. 

We have a contest winner! And we are contacting this person to let them know they have a pair of, as we learned on this very page, highly durable Speed Queen machines coming their way. 

We are also setting up our next challenge over the next couple days; so, bear with us. Trust us, this is a good one. How do we know?  Our test lab folks are a bit nervous. 

Stay tuned.